Private Teacher (1 child)

This is the ultimate private school experience where the child receives direct, one-on-one instruction, remediation and enrichment in all academic subject areas. Your child will remain enrolled in the school of your choosing, and learning from the school’s curriculum on virtual learning days. This service includes:

  • Direct instruction
  • Homework help
  • Test prep
  • Project planning
  • Remediation
  • IEP/504 compliance support

Micro-schooling (multiple children)

School provides so much more for students than just academic instruction. There is no reason that your child should lose out on social-emotional development, collaboration with peers or having a class buddy because in-person school is reduced to part-time. This is the best way to replicate a school environment in the safety of a space that you control. In a small group of 3-4 children in the same grade, the teacher will provide direct, in-person instruction on virtual learning days. Virtual learning does not have to mean lonely learning! A small group of classmates allows your child to collaborate with peers, engage in meaningful dialogue and develop social-emotional skills.

Traditional 1-on-1 tutoring (in-person or virtual)

This service provides remediation or enrichment for an individual child for a particular subject or skill set. Each session also develops executive functioning skills, confidence and a love of learning! Price packages available for multiple weekly sessions.

At-home teaching workshops

In these challenging times, caregivers are tasked with both childcare and education for their little ones. Participation in this workshop will provide caregivers with the foundation they need to make virtual schooling a successful and enjoyable process. In this session we will cover:

  • Interpreting standards and understanding the goal of each assignment
  • Teaching basics (scaffolding, revision, how to assess understanding, etc.)
  • Creating an at-home workspace that works for your child
  • How to make learning fun and stress-free!

Work With Beck

"The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn."

What people are saying

David G.


We hired Beck in February 2020 to work with my 5-year-old son, who was behind his peers in school with counting, letter recognition, and he occasionally didn't follow instructions or share with other children. Beck has been wonderful working with him. She doesn’t only focus on numbers and letters, but also focuses on my son as a whole person. He adores her! Beck talks about education and my son's development with more intelligence and detail than almost any teacher I have ever heard. I couldn't give Beck a higher recommendation - she is wonderful.

Nicolette S.


Beck was a fantastic tutor for my 5th grade son with ADHD. She started each session with the perfect balance of structure and humor. She supported him in both executive functioning skills like focusing and time management while also helping in an array of subjects like math, writing, and Spanish. My son felt respected and understood when he was working with Beck.

Charlie G.

Classroom teacher

Working with Beck this school year was such a pleasure for the teachers and such a blessing for the student. Being a teacher herself, Beck knew exactly how to jump in and help fill in the gaps the child had missing. Her positive nature shined every day as she made continual progress in and out of the classroom.

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